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Project Management

Last updated on January 15, 2020

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Project management is the process of guiding and organizing both people and schedules to effectively produce a deliverable that meets users’ needs. I have refined these skills working with a variety of projects and people, and I can apply them in any context.

When I started working with The Offbeat, a literary journal produced by a class of students, during production of Volume 16, I took on many of the responsibilities of a project manager, or in the literary world, a managing editor, a position that did not exist for the journal at the time. I started and maintained an agenda to keep the 18-person staff on track, asked leading questions during editorial meetings to help progress discussions, and worked closely with the production team to track our deadlines and prioritize tasks.

Cover art for Volume 16

A managing editor internship was created so that I could continue working to develop and guide The Offbeat and its staff the following year. I launched two new contests in June 2016, and managed a freelance team through an editorial cycle that would put The Offbeat on track to publish twice, rather than once, a year. I worked out a semester-long production schedule to ensure the journal would be published on time, and discussed with the professor when lessons could be incorporated to help students learn what they needed to know in time to get the work done for the journal.

View the Spring 2017 class and production schedule (PDF).

As managing editor, I reorganized our Google Drive storage, and utilized a closed Facebook group to communicate with student staff outside of class. I also guided student staff working on The Offbeat through screening and editing submissions, handled the logistics for launch events, and completed marketing and communication tasks, such as designing flyers and emailing with contributors and third parties. All other administrative tasks were done with the same efficiency and organization that I employ in every aspect of my life.