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Process Documentation

Last updated on March 30, 2017

Naming and saving PDF files (PDF)

Creating and updating callout boxes (PDF)

Adding tables (PDF)

As the Digital Content Coordinator in the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) Communications department at Michigan State University, I oversaw the entire IPF website, internal and external. Most of the other department staff at the time were still familiarizing themselves with the website and the Cascade content management system (CMS) that we used to manage it.

Some process documents already existed for the Communications department, but I knew I needed to update these and create more so the rest of the department could update the website without me. Cascade is a complex CMS with many quirks, and after two years of working in the system, I had determined the most efficient ways to accomplish tasks in the CMS.

I devised a system to update or create process documents as necessary, have them tested for usability by the personnel in the department who would use them most often, and then revise them. I planned a timeline for completing them, and if one document referenced another that was not created yet and would need to be linked later, I used Microsoft Word’s comment function to leave a note at the affected section.